Inspired by TURQUOISE

Monday, 16 April 2012

Lately bright colors have been inspiring me a lot, so after yellow some time ago here is the extravagant turquoise! Reminding me of the colors of the ocean and the sky, turquoise dresses are sometimes light and ethereal and flow in the wind just like water, but sometimes they are strong and possessive just like the boldness of the color itself! I think that turquoise is a very versatile color. You can wear it on a dress and draw all eyes on yourself, you can wear it on jewelry as something exotic or you can wear it on accessories, such as shoes or a clutch to complement a darker outfit (one of my favorite combinations is black and turquoise!)

Turquoise is definitely a star these days: it's on the runways (Gucci, Versace, Monique Lhuillier), it's worn by very stylish people (Olivia Palermo, Chiara Ferragni) and it's fabulous for shes and clutches. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear it:

How about you? What do you think about this color?

Photos: tumblr


M.E said...

I think it looks superb!

Ugne said...

your post reminded me of some research i happened to read through yesterday - blue and green are women's favourite colors which makes turquoise the most appealling color when choosing something; it is associated with energy, passion and is seen as modern and hip.
i really love it :)

Emily said...

Absolutely love the turquoise! Beautiful.

margaret cruzemark said...

You have manage to make my heart beats like crazy seeing these amazing pics with these amazing dresses and shoes!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Manu Luize said...

I felt in love with those images and colours, so beautiful.

Have a great week,
Manu Luize.

Hanna said...

I am so not a 'brights' person, but both of these make me want to wear turquoise more, how pretty!

bohemianbones said...

Loveee this post!!! Great inspiration and idea, I will try turquoise this week! lol
these dresses and the touches of turquoise are amazing!

Thanks a lot for the lovely comment!! Its good to be back too!

Outside Looking In said...

One of my all-time favorite colors! Great post! Ok, I know it's taken me a long time but here are some links (houses) for you....aren't these amazing? I hope the links work or I'll be so sad!!!

I'll work on more for you too, if you're interested?? ;-)

james said...

gahhh! what a pretty color!!


miss b said...

Great selection! Turquoise has always been one of my favourite summer colours.

DictatesofFashion said...

I love Chiara Ferragni's style!

Marise said...

Turquoise is such an amazing color ^^

Giovanna said...

Great color inspo! Love the striped blazer!


Yola Thorp said...

Love Olivia.


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