Winter Warm: Cute Bike Gloves

Friday, 6 December 2013

Hi guys, I managed to disappear again for a long time... I don't know how this happened, but my job seems to have taken over my life completely. I'm struggling to come back, because I miss you all and I miss writing so much. I hope you'll be supportive and you won't judge my absence too harshly :)

Since last time I wrote winter seems to have already come over us, I seriously don't know when the past couple of months passed by! It's freezing out here now and everybody is all bundled up trying to get warm, but there's always a way to keep stylish if you're willing to try! A couple of creative girls from Poland, Agnieszka and Anna, created a beautiful glove collection especially for those who still enjoy a bike ride in the cold winter days. Which one will be your favorite: the reindeer, the happy bees, the mice, the cats or perhaps the cookie monster? Have a look and judge for yourselves:

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