Fashionable Wrist Candy: Bracelets

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jewelry is such an easy way to upgrade and completely change an outfit, that most of us have tons of bracelets, necklaces, rings or broaches. Today my eyes were set on some beautiful examples of how great accessorizing brings you and your outfit in the center of attention! Be it colorful or studded leather bracelets, gold or silver ones, thick or delicate and thin, there's a style for everyone. You can mix and match as you please, unexpected combos being some what of a rule du jour. I'm going to start off with these great examples of mixing and matching and piling up:

H&M Exclusive Conscious Glamour Collection

Friday, 30 March 2012

H&M Conscious is ready to launch its Exclusive Glamour Collection for SS 2012 and it's very intriguing! Already spotted on the red carpet worn by stars of the like of Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried, Kristin Davis and Oscar nominee Viola Davis, the dresses cover a large palette of styles reminding me of some designers such as Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana or Mary Katrantzou.

Eclectic not only in style, but also in price, the garments range from 25 EUR for a pair of electric blue organic cotton shorts and up to 299 EUR for the beautiful dress in the opening photo. This dress has a very interesting story and it reminds me of the Alexander McQueen SS 2012 collection because of its tight bodice and full skirt. It's composed of an organza crease plissé meringue skirt and an organic cotton silk bouclé top and it's a limited edition only made in 1000 pieces, each of them carrying a specific number. I would definitely love to get my hands on it!

A fashion short film: ADDICTION

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Diego Dolcini is a very well-known Italian shoe artisan, that has created irresistible high heeled wonders for the some of the most glamorous women and for famous Hollywood and music stars, such as Julia Roberts, Madonna or Beyoncé. His obsession for the stiletto has brought him one step further with the creation of a fashion short film especially for the 4th edition of the Fashion Film Festival "A Shaded View on Fashion Films" organized by Diane Pernet. The story is very intriguing and it presents a young beautiful woman - portrayed by Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni - as she struggles between goodness and evil because of her shoe addiction! The contrast between the two states is very well defined as we see the final battle between her two alter egos. It gave me the chills!

A World in Colors

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What is better than candy colors and cake mixed together in a photoshoot? I can't really think of anything better at the moment! V for Vintage is behind these lovely lust and candy-inspired photos. Does the name ring a bell? They're also the organizing brain behind the fabulous V for Vintage - vintage, handmade and designer fairs that I've been covering on my blog like this first one from about two years ago that also included a fashion show, the one in September with the rooftop café or the one in November where I got to meet up with other bloggers. They really know how to throw a great event for all the fashionable people living in Bucharest!

Here is the rest of the photos in this great editorial entitled A World in Colors - V for Vintage brings la Dolce Vita:

Do you also have a sweet tooth for this editorial?

Spring hairstyles

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Versace SS 2012

With rays of sunlight just around the corner and spring gracing us with high temperatures more and more often, I thought it's time to take our heads out from under our winter hats and start looking forward to styling our hair spring-wise! What's better than showing off your shiny hair under the sunlight, right? 

Spring is carefree and fun so you don't have to worry too much about how perfectly in place your hair stays - as long as it looks healthy and reflects your personality everything is allowed from mad tresses and hippy braids all the way up to sleek bobs or mohawks! Here is what spring hairstyles mean to me - easy and flirty and right off the runway:

Chloé SS 2012  

Valentino SS 2012

Valentino SS 2012

Some of these styles are really easy to do - sleek straight hair or voluminous locks - and others are more difficult, provided that you're not a braid-genius! Whatever your style is, unless you're one of the lucky three girls in the world with perfect hair (I'm exaggerating, there are probably only two girls with perfect hair haha!) you'll need some styling helpers and I've got the best tip for you!

On my spring wishlist hair-wise I've got some amazing styling tools from ghd - the iconic British, professionally endorsed hair styling brand. Their styling products are being used by the best professionals and they've been revolutionizing the way women style their hair ever since the launch of the brand. My top 3 hair product choices for this season are:

1. The ghd Peacock Collection - a limited edition version of the gdh Golden Classic styler, inspired by the iridescent finishing hues presented on the runway for the Spring/Summer 2012 season by top notch designers such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Rodarte or Oscar de La Renta. Available in sapphire blue, amethyst purple and emerald green, the Peacock styler is definitely an eye catcher! My favorite color is amethyst purple, what's yours?

2. The ghd Heat Protect Spray that creates an invisible barrier between your hair and potential external factors that could damage your hair, like hairdryers or stylers.

3. Finally, a dreamy present for the boho goddess within us: the ghd Vintage Limited Edition Boho Chic hair styler. Apart from the boho inspired bag, it also comes with a look book to help you try out different styles.

If these beauties intrigued you, you can check out the ghd website for more details and styling ideas!

What's your perfect spring hairstyle?

Marni for H&M launch

Monday, 26 March 2012

On today's list a few centuries later that I should have: the latest collaboration between H&M and a major fashion House: MARNI. The collection was launched about two weeks ago on the 8th of March. As opposed to the flashier Versace line launched a few months ago, the subtlety of the Marni collection for H&M was a great crowd pleaser here in Bucharest, I've seen people carrying even 5 or 6 bags at a time! 

The colors, the patterns and the clean, straight lines were very true to the House's aesthetic, always fresh and fun. I went to the store early in the morning of the launch, but unfortunately the items that I had put my eyes on were already sold out in my size... We really need an online shop for H&M here, it's much easier fighting over the Internet in the first minutes of the launch to get what you want than doing that in person haha! I experienced that madness last year while I was in the Netherlands for the launch of the Lanvin colaboration if you remember. I guess I'll have to wait till the next collaboration to try to get my hands on some amazing garments. At least I got to see my two favorite items paired together - the trousers with the circles pattern and one of the t-shirts - worn by the very fashionable manager of the store!

Since I had been fantasizing about this collection for quite some time something weird was bound to happen... the night before the launch I had the craziest dream mixing fashion and work and I just couldn't keep it all to myself! I dreamed that I was in a huge, tall building on one of the upper floors and I was waiting out there with a bunch of other people - we were all waiting for the launch of the Marni for H&M collection. It seemed a bit strange because there were not as many people there as I'd had expected, but then I thought to myself "OK this is going to be better, because it's not going to be very crowded!" The clock ticks 9 o'clock and someone comes and opens the doors for us and we start running to get to the fabulous clothes, but instead we seem to get inside a huge circular office space, with desks and people working there. I start running around and then I meet someone in charge and ask about the launch of the collection. The man - apparently the CEO - starts laughing and tells me that there was a little joke and that the launch is actually taking place one floor below them, but that they told us to come here so that it wouldn't be so crowded downstairs. And then he offered me CAKE for my trouble!

I said no thank you and started running downstairs, while thinking about the repercussions of angrying H&M's CEO on my future career. I then arrive downstairs in a beautifully lit space where the clothes were displayed on mannequins on small stages. I start browsing the collection, but I kind of feel disappointed because I had expected much more. I start looking around quicker and quicker in search of a wow-piece and then I see my aunt sitting on a chair and asking me "How about that section? Have you looked there? There are some beautiful pieces in there!" I go to that section and I realize that there were only pieces from past H&M collaborations - like with Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli or Matthew Williamson and I start getting really frustrated. I tell my aunt that those were old pieces from other collections and that that's just a marketing ploy of H&M's staff to sell old unsold stuff, that a lot of companies do that to increase their sales. And then I wake up...

What's the verdict you guys? Am I crazy or am I just too obsessed with some events? And what about the collection? What are your favorite items?

Sunday breakfast

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy Sunday morning to all of you! Aren't Sundays the best? I've prepared lots of food and pampering for you today, I hope you enjoy this breakfast mix I put together this morning! And yes... I seem to have gotten a bit carried away with all these strawberries ;)

Photos: tumblr

Morning inspiration

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rise and shine! On this beautiful sunny morning I found myself inspired by some quotes and I wanted to share them with you :) Have a great day!

Photos: tumblr and Alireza Bozgomir Photography

Zara Women Lookbook April 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012

Hey guys, long time no see! I know I've been missing a lot lately and that I constantly promise you that I'll be back and then I go missing again... I want to apologize for this, but these past weeks have been a very busy time for me and now I can finally say I'm getting back on track! What did I do you may wonder? Well for starters I started working (whohoo!) as an English Teaching Assistant for small children and if that wasn't enough I also had to move! This is what pretty much kept me busy non stop, but now that things have settled down I can get right back to you! A small preview of what we're going to read about in the next few days would sound like this: Zara Spring Lookbooks for men and women, the Marni and H&M collaboration, spring hairstyles and also photo of the week will be back, so stay tuned!

For today we're going to start off with the Zara Women Lookbook. It really starts to feel like spring with all these flowy shapes and light colors. I really liked the bold colored accents brightening up white ensembles, they look very fresh and fit for a new start! My favorite item is definitely that amazing fiery red skirt in the opening photo.
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