New York Fashion Week SS 2013: Marc Jacobs

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hey guys, seems that I'm excusing myself for the lack of posting quite often these past few months and I'm really sorry about that, but this time I AM going to make amends and I've already figured out how I'm going to do that: tomorrow there will be a fresh new start with Paris Fashion Week! I'm going to report absolutely everything about it (from the first interesting show to the last) like in the good old days! After the Paris craze will be over I'll also go quickly over the notable shows from London and Milan that I've missed, just to keep you also into the loop! But for now until that happens, let's see some more great stuff from New York: Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs, the true chameleon of Fashion Week is back with a stunning change from last year's romantic lines - this time he reinvented himself in a more energetic way with a 60s mod vibe where the main character were thick, horizontal and vertical stripes. The designer described his collection as "a bit of everything that I love - lots of straight lines, T-shirts" and expressed through the subtlety of his show that "young girls need to learn that sexiness isn't about being naked". I really liked his vision and the easiness that is transmitted through his garments: loose T-shirts and dresses, über short shorts, low waistlines, flats and kitten heels and of course the playful Mickey Mouse intarsia sweater. The styling of the models was taking the mod feel of the garments to the next levels with a clever mix between side-swept 'dos, Beatles bowl cuts and exaggerated eyelashes and make-up.

Among my favorite looks were the Mickey Mouse sweater (of course), the striped tshirt, the short brown dress with a ruffled lower part, the white suit with two black lines and the floor length dresses ending the show. Have a look for yourselves at the most interesting looks and pick your favorites:

New York Fashion Week SS 2013: DKNY

Thursday, 13 September 2012

After the beautiful Victoria Beckham collection, I thought that the best way to continue would be with the DKNY show - a lot of black and white and breezy fabrics just as in the Victoria Beckham show, but less minimal designs and a more colorful twist with bright yellow and some patterns.

The fanny pack is back as a stylish accessory and so are the caps and wedge sneakers. I really enjoyed this show, it's very fresh and a lot of fun!Among my favorite looks were the knee-length black and white dresses, the black and the yellow gowns with a slit and of course the black body paired with a light floor-length white dress with a high slit. But there are many more great outfits to discover, have a look at the most interesting looks from the runway:

New York Fashion Week SS 2013: Victoria Beckham

Monday, 10 September 2012

I had been waiting for this moment for a few months: September - the change in air, the change in wardrobe, the first fall leaves and of course the fresh smell of a brand new fashion week season, but somehow the first few days of New York Fashion Week weren't as good as I had expected. Luckily here comes one of the best shows in New York so far: the Victoria Beckham collection!

Moving forward from her signature body-hugging dresses, the designer had a different aesthetic in mind for this collection: letting go of the sculptural in favour of a more relaxed look. We can see this evolution in the lighter, breezier fabrics used for the garments and in the change in contours and shapes. The designer herself, in her show notes, stated that in this collection she wanted to explore "the notion of how a woman can  emotionally connect with her clothes and how they make her feel.". It was a brilliant move!

The predominating colors of the collection were the classic black and white duo with dashes of poppy orange scattered around to liven up the atmosphere. The looks evolve from sober button downs and long skirts towards a younger and livelier note, with tiered minis and a stripe of color. The collection is very edited and well put together, borrowing elements from the 60s, from menswear (the button-down shirts) and even from lingerie, but never being too literal. Everything remains effortless and very chic.

Among my favorite looks I can name the black and white ensemble in the opening photo, the white dress with a rounded collar and an orange stripe, the simple orange dress or the black dress with a sheer v-neck  cleavage. Here are the most interesting looks from the runway:

New York Fashion Week: 5 - 13 Sept.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

New York Fashion Week SS 2013 Street Style by Phil Oh

I've always loved September because it comes with a breathtaking color palette. If you also add that all the Fashion Weeks are right around the corner and that we get to change our wardrobe it seems that September offers a pretty good deal in exchange for making us leave summer behind! New York Fashion Week is in full bloom until next week and I'll be here reporting about my favorite designers, looks and trends. I hope you'll also join me in the comments, I can't wait to hear about your favorite shows!

Travel Series: Paris (II)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hey guys, I'm back with the second part of my Parisian itinerary! I saw you enjoyed the detailed overview of the visit and the photo overload, so I took it as a hint to continue this way haha! For the second day we chose a more relaxing day (as if you could do something like that in Paris!) and we started with Place de la Bastille, the legendary hub of the French Revolution. The prison nowadays is gone, but the tower in the centre of the square stands there to remind us of that gruesome period. Right next to Place de la Bastille, hidden behind the large boulevards and a few narrow streets, lies one of those little gems that you discover by chance: a small square called Place des Vosges. It's the green heart of the neighborhood and it's surrounded by similar brick stone houses on all four sides. One of these houses was actually where the famous French novelist Victor Hugo spent a few years living and writing.

Travel Series: Paris (I)

Friday, 7 September 2012

Paris - the city of love, the capital of fashion and haute couture, home of the best food and wine and the place where sightseeing could also just mean sitting down at a cafe and watch the stylish people pass by - they're like monuments of chic Parisian attitude. This lively city caught between modernity and centuries worth of history and culture was an incredible experience during our road trip - it helped test our endurance levels. Just to give you a few stats: an average of 13.5 h walking every day, about 1.5 h for resting your feet and eating (sometimes even less, because "Hey! The clock is ticking and we have to see everything!") and hundreds of little streets and monuments seen in just about 3 days and a half! If you want a piece of advice: don't try to visit Paris in less than a week, or you'll be crying over your sore feet every night (like some of us here did - no names, Bogdan knows I'm talking about him haha!).

How about I give you a few tips on how you could plan your visit? What to see, what is the best circuit around town, you name it! Don't hesitate to ask me anything, I'd be glad to answer! This is how you could approach a first day in Paris - not too many monuments, just start easily getting used to the overwhelming city:

As you already know, I studied for a year at the Sorbonne in Paris, so it was my role to be the tourist guide and show Bogdan (and you of course!) all my favorite places in the city. We started first by going to a quiet relaxing spot - the Jardin de Luxembourg, home of the Palace of the Senate and located right next to the Sorbonne. The park is the typical display of a French garden, with rows of perfectly trimmed trees, dusty alleys and a pond in the middle. 

Travel Series: Passo dello Stelvio

Thursday, 6 September 2012

After my Munich city profile, the Travel Series continues through Northern Italy and the fabulous road through the Stelvio Pass. Located at 2 757 m altitude, the Passo dello Stelvio is highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps and was originally built in the early 1820s. We drove on the Northern side of the pass through 48 hairpin turns to reach the summit and enjoy the view. Named "the second-best road in the world" by the Top Gear specialists, Passo dello Stelvio really is one of nature's wonders that any road trip through Europe should include. Have a look at all the photos we took:

Travel Series: Munich

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts! August has been a crazy month for me and I'm currently writing from Southern Austria. I asked you last week with what major city on my roadtrip map you would like to start with and someone chose Munich, so here are a few photos of Munich! They're not very landmark-oriented, because Munich was more of a time of relaxation for me and my boyfriend - after Paris where we were constantly on the road visiting and walking, here we spent a lot of time sleeping and sitting down at a cafe or on the grass in the park.

My must sees for Munich would be:
1. The pedestrian streets in the city centre and the beautiful building of the city hall
2. Englischer Garten - a huge park in the middle of the city with trees, meadows, typical beer terraces and even an artificially created "surfer spot"
3. Viktualienmarkt - the central market where you can buy fresh food and eat it right there
4. Hofbrauhaus - one of the most famous breweries in the city, the place where Hitler used to present his speeches during his ascension to power
5. The district near the University, full of nice bars and cafes
6. Our personal discovery - "the frozen yoghurt place"

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