About me

Hi guys, I’m Smaranda or as most of you know and love me, Sam – as it’s easier to say. I have a background in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in International Business, specialized in Marketing and Finance, but my true passions are fashion, style and luxury marketing. While writing my killer Bachelor’s thesis on luxury marketing strategies four years ago, I started this blog as my own personal space, a creative outlet for ideas and photography. At that time most of the blogs out there were either focused on fashion or travel, so I felt I found the perfect niche mixing my passion for fashion and travel. 

Since then I have grown and evolved so much thanks to my amazing community, it’s always so great hearing your feedback and sharing ideas with you my dears, you’ve always been so supportive! Over the years I’ve had so many incredible experiences to share. I went on countless trips, I lived abroad for a year, I wrote a Master’s thesis in consumer psychology and luxury purchasing patterns in different countries, I started collaborations with a few fellow bloggers and I covered the major Fashion Weeks, events, ad campaigns and editorials. All in all, probably my most cherished experience was reporting for you live from Paris Fashion Week a few seasons ago, albeit from outside the shows. One has to start somewhere, right? Being there among the most important people in fashion and taking photos of some of the greatest fashion editors and bloggers was so exhilarating and it gave me that surge of adrenaline to remind me that this is what keeps me going. Fashion is always surprising and constantly changing, be it Chanel’s Shopping Center,  Moschino’s McDonald’s fast fashion or a classic Armani suit and I want to be a part of it.

Like what you hear? I’m always interested in collaborating with enthusiastic like-minded people, so if you have a guest post or project in mind and you want me to be a part of it, I’ll be happy to give you a hand! I love sharing opinions and collaborating on everything from fashion, travel and photography to branding, marketing and advertising. Connect with me on Facebook or e-mail me anytime!

If you want to be a part of this community you can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin’ or Tumblr to chat about anything related to fashion, style, design, travel or photography or add your own topic to the table. Hope to hear from you soon!

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