The Beach: Sozopol, Bulgaria

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm back to travelling abroad! Today, after quite an exhausting journey, I arrived for a couple of days in Sozopol, Bulgaria on the coast of the Black Sea. What I was expecting to see was a quaint, little town, but in fact it's quite a big place! Fortunately, I'm staying in the old part of the city which is lovely: narrow cobble stones, small houses with wooden details and a breathtaking walk along the cliffs with lots and lots of restaurants from where you can enjoy the view on the sea. Once you get out of this area, the city loses its charm and becomes a rather dull and ordinary city with paved streets, cars and a few shops. 

The old city, unofficially known as the Saint Tropez of Bulgaria, is definitely worth a few days stay if you limit yourself to the beach and its narrow streets. I haven't had the time to take photos today, but I'll definitely do this in the next few days to show you my side of the story! So for tonight I'll just show you a few general shots of the place:

The beach looks lovely and I can't wait to head there tomorrow morning, although it's quite windy and I might freeze a bit... Too bad my lovely boyfriend isn't here with me, miss you babe!

Photos: tumblr, google


Ceciliette said...

the older parts of the cities are aways the most worth and fun to visit!!! You're so lucky to be there.. i want to have a trip..somewhere..anywhere!!! have a great time!

Filipa said...

seems amazing! the third photo is great!!!
Have fun and can't wait to see more :)

Angelina said...

This place looks so lovely. I love the old parts of cities, they are so unique!
Have an amazing time!

Outside Looking In said...

Love that last picture! Have a great time and take lots of pictures. I won't have a vacay til the end of July so I'll have to enjoy yours!

connie l. said...

The coast of the Black Sea looks gorgeous. I'm going to have to put that place on my bucket list! Hope you're having a good time!

Beauty Follower said...

Interesting place!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

This a really beautiul place!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful place !

Vagabond Girl said...

Wow looks beautiful! I've never thought about visiting Bulgaria, but after seeeing these photos and the fact that I haven't been there yet... why not?!

Hope to go soon so I can blog about it too! :D

Diana Marks said...

amazing photos!

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M.E said...

Wow what beautiful pictures!

Sammie said...

beautiful place :) the pictures are shot well :)


Kevin said...

Really a great place for a perfect holidays. Also a nice photoshot.

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