Christian Louboutin Exhibition @ London Design Museum

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Design Museum in London dedicates an exhibition to the work and life of the iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin in the following months. Starting the 1st of May and until the 8th of July, the exhibition will document his 20-year career and show the steps of his creative process through all the stages of the shoe creation, from the design and construction of the heel up to the prptotypes and the final production. The display will throw light on all the influences of his work - from Parisian music hall to film - and it will also present to the public more than 200 of his iconic creations. Part of the space recreates the designer's workshop with some pieces actually shipped directly from Paris to better capture the mood for this exhibition. Prepare to be taken on an artistic and dramatic journey from stilettos to sky high lace-up boots and studded sneakers, all markers of a glamorous, confident, and sexy woman. Here are some of the highlights of the exhibition and some photos from the launch party on April 30th:

What do you think of this exhibition? I know I would love to go and just stare at his beautiful designs... I still remember how I felt when I went to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in Paris two years ago, it was just amazing and I couldn't believe it that I was standing right next those dresses! Did you get to see such an exhibition?

Photos: Reuters, google


Sabrina said...

Love the first pair of shoes- they're so fierce! And wow, I'm not quite sure how the third pair of shoes work...that's really intense! Love the post, thanks for sharing!


Stylist Steph said...

I REALLY want to see this exhibition!

the chilicool said...

OMG, this is pure art darling!!!!! Louboutin is a genius!

Great pics!




Alessandra Carlomagno said...

OMG i love everything! amazing pics :)
kiss kiss

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

OMG!!Pure lust!
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Outside Looking In said... I would love to go see this! I think #3 is so crazy that it's amazing and the rest are just...heaven! Great post!

Fashion Lookbook said...

Those shoes are gorgeous.

Steph Yt. said...

Stunnning!! omgg those flats...heels.. are amaaazing!
thanks for sharing!
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