Paris Fashion Week SS 2013: Chanel (Part I)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

After the black and white 90s Latina woman envisioned by the creative team of Balmain, we continue the journey into the most classical black and white pieces known to us all: the timeless Chanel. As a surprise to us all Karl Lagerfeld decided to step away from the House codes but still managed to keep the Chanel spirit as alive and as ever, as he himself says "no chain, no braid, no plastic Chanel buttons, only pearls, pearls, pearls." The designer played with proportions and with different materials in an attempt to showcase a very modern and futuristic vision, the collection is "all about volumes and lightness, because usually volumes and lightness don't go together."

Karl Lagerfeld always likes to go big for his runway shows - models, designs, the decor of the runway. This time he linked the futuristic and technological feel of the collection to the an energy-inspired theme to accompany the show. The runway was seemingly made out of solar panels and along the runway there were lots of towering wind turbines, described by the designer as examples of "beautiful, modern architecture. We need energy. Energy is the most important thing in life!". Whether hinting towards green energy or Karl Lagerfeld's own unstoppable energy, the idea of the runway was very innovative and majestic as always.

The 80 looks that paraded down the runway ranged from baby-doll dresses in linen chambray, a skirt turned into a strapless dress, denim, gingham tweed all the way to sophisticated black and white evening frocks. The play of volumes was achieved with combinations between pneumatic dresses worn with short-cropped jackets, bouffant lines and innovative fabrics. Among the most eye-catching volumes were the purses contained within two hula-hoop rings, clumpy striped sandals and a modern reinterpretation of the classic boater hat with a clear Lucite wide brim. I can't even choose a few favorite looks, Chanel is always so unpredictable and amazing that it makes you dream awake of every single piece of the collection. Here is a first selection of the most interesting runway looks:

What did you think of this first part of the show? Aren't they lovely? The second part will feature some more colorful garments and floor-length evening gowns. I hope you're as excited as I am!

Photos: Yannis Vlamos/


Sammie said...

aaah i usually love chanel but this collection is a little strange i think :)


Fabrizia said...

karl is a genius!!
everything is chic but not too linked to maison... everytime there is something different and fashionable

marykapsi said...

love everything!!!
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the chilicool said...

The collection is wonderful. I adore Chanel!!!


My Fashion break said...

What a great post!
Some beautiful dresses! Not too sure about the shoes though!
Thanks for your lovely coment!
Would you like to follow each other!

Dianne Tho said...

wow amazing collection and gerat pics. and hey, btw, nice blog. i like it

ilovetrends said...

It's an amazing collection!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I liked this collection, much more than last year!!
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Ileana said...

Love chanel!!! Hope one day I get to own least a shopping bag! lol :D Great selection of pics :D

Outside Looking In said...

I like this collection better than last year but I don't like the huge shoulders and huge arms on some of these things. I don't feel like they flatter any women bigger than a size 00. With that said, I love the simpler pieces and my favorite is the blue plaid dress with the contrasting hem and the blue shiny jacket. I can't wait to see what's next!!

M.E said...

I really loved the clothing of this collection, usually when it comes to chanel i'm more into accessories :)

Gigi said...

This Chanel collection is totally amazing!

Unknown said...

love the new Chanel collection, very beautiful

Borjana said...

I want everything;)

adult footed pajamas said...

The best thing in the world! The Paris Fashion show! The models, the clothes, the designers, the atmosphere, and the whole idea of it I love it so much. I'm such a huge fan of Chanel.

Women Leather Coats said...

nice post love reading it.

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